Throughout his life, Myles has endeavoured to express himself through both a visual and tactile way. His passions for constructing delightful designs first lead him to create clothing. His wild imagination was too constrained by the function of a garment, and he soon found his true calling in fibre arts at Ontario College of Art and Design.  There, Myles learned to weave, and discovered his favoured vehicle for his vision.  The interplay of texture and colour has always intrigued him, and it is his goal to achieve a harmonious marriage of these elements in his tapestries.  Working with new and recycled materials, he crafts striking works that often carry a sense of discovery and play, but not without a touch of the macabre.  Myles now owns his own studio and is working towards exhibiting his body of work.
Colour Field
all images copyright Myles Covent 2011